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Hi! My name is Amity, welcome to Rox'n'Rolls.


A Bit About Me

I am a mother of 2 gorgeous children(a 2 year 

old girl and a 1 year old boy), and am a die-hard

creative! My creative outlets include sewing,

origami, photography, crochet, jewellery

making and now, surface pattern designing.


History of Rox'n'Rolls

Rox'n'Rolls first started when I began making headbands for my then 4 month old little girl. Eventually Rox'n'Rolls grew to selling swaddles, headbands, beanies and bibs, online and at local markets. As my children grow, so too does my desire to create, design and offer more items for sale.

Fabrics for Sale

As a fabric lover, I have always tried to source

interesting and unique fabrics that I not only love,

but that I think my customers will love too. After

scouring websites and fabric stores for specific

fabrics (fibre composition and print design), I

finally decided to begin creating my own fabric



My inspiration comes from many different places including;

  • My children and what fabrics I would love to use to make them clothes. I've found it tricky to locate unisex prints and also more masculine prints that aren't too "childish".

  • Newborns and fabrics that I would like to use for swaddle sets, beanies, bibs and headbands.

  • Myself, as I have found it hard to find more mature prints in beautiful quality fabric compositions that I would use for myself. 

I am very driven to create and offer designs

that are unique and eye-catching, that will

not only set my small handmade business apart

from others, but yours too!

I hope you find something that you love, and

I am more than happy to work with you to

design something specific that suits your own

aesthetic or business profile. 

Thank you for visiting!